Our Story

LambMa started out sewing over-the-collar dog bandanas for her GrandPups as gifts. As time went on, friends and family started asking for LambMa to make a dog bandana for their pups too! LambMa enjoys sharing her creations so much that she opened her shop, That’s Sew LambMa.

LambMa wasn’t always called LambMa. When her first granddaughter was born, there was a lot of discussion around which name she was going to use. Everyone is already called Grandma. Grandmother is much too formal. She didn’t feel like a Nana, GiGi, Nonna, YaYa, or even a MiMi. LambMa has loved lambs her entire life, so it only seems right that this grandma would adopt the name LambMa.

Rescue dogs are very special to LambMa. LambMa selects a pet rescue every month and donates money back to the pet rescue with each sale of select bandanas.