Choosing The Right Size Over-The-Collar Dog Bandanas

LambMa bandanas slide over a standard dog collar. In order to get accurate sizing, measure length of collar and round down to closest sized bandana. Bandanas are handmade therefore sizing may vary to the slightest degree.
When in doubt, size down!
Bandana Sizing Chart

Heeling Heeler Hearts Dog Rescue

Heeling Heeler Hearts Dog Rescue opened in January of 2015. They rescue cattle dogs and catahoulas. Heeling Heelers Hearts rescues, rehabs, and adopts these amazing breeds into loving homes.

If you're interested in rescuing one of their beautiful and lovable dogs, reach out to them on their website at or through email.

Support Heeling Heelers Hearts today by buying the LambMa Rescue of the Month Bandana below! Every sale benefits the rescue financially.